Travel to historic sites and events

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Road trips to historic sites across America

Signers of the Declaration of Independence — Road trip to their birthplaces and homes

Birthplaces and homes of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, with photos of the signers, maps, and notes 

Top historic battle reenactments this year

Relive the past in this list of historic battle reenactments happening across the country this year. 

Top living history events this year

Our list of the best living history events happening across the country this year from many different regions and eras. 

Roadtrip to the Major Battlegrounds of the American Revolution

Visit the sites of significant battles of the American Revolution – battles that had an important consequence on the course of the war and/or where a large number of soldiers engaged in battle.

Patriots of the American Revolution — Road trip to their birthplaces and homes

The list of the birthplaces and homes of the Patriots of the American Revolution, with photos of the individuals, maps, and notes 

The Underground Railroad — A historic America road trip

The list of places along the Underground Railroad with photos and notes about each site. 

Nine places to visit in DC even when Federal government sites are closed

These nine historic sites in Washington are open even when Federal government sites are closed. And when everything is open and operating normally, they’re still worth a visit.

Touring America’s historic sites with curators and authors


Curator tour of the Springfield Armory National Historic Site in Springfield, MA

Join us as we take a tour of the Springfield Armory National Historic Site with the museum's curator, Alex MacKenzie who gives us a historical background of the firearms on display and shows us the highlights of the museum. 


"The Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World" — New Bedford Whaling Museum in New Bedford, MA

Excellent gallery talk with New Bedford Whaling Museum curator Akeia Benard, Ph.D., followed by a walk along the entire length of the panorama, a maritime artwork of national historical importance, authentically depicting a whaling voyage originating from the port of New Bedford in the mid-19th century. 


What really happened at North Bridge on April 19, 1775, with author J.L. Bell at Minuteman National Park

Even if you think you know what happened the morning the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired at North Bridge, you'll be surprised by some new details that are often omitted in the typical accounts of that morning. 


Patriots Day 2018: Local residents flee ahead of the approaching British troops at Minuteman National Park

A demonstration of what may have happened at "Parker’s Revenge," where Colonel Parker, whose men were fired upon on Lexington Green earlier in the day, regroups and engages British Soldiers. Part of 2018 Patriots Day weekend activities at Minute Man National Historical Park. 


Visiting the Tiffany designed Ayer Mansion in Boston

The Ayer Mansion (1899 - 1902) in Boston is the only surviving residence created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Join us as we take a rare private tour with Jeanne M. Pelletier, Preservation Advisor for the Campaign for the Ayer Mansion. 


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Celebrating the Holidays at Historic Sites Across America

20 Historic sites to celebrate the holidays in style

20 historic sites to celebrate the holidays in style

This year, relive the spirit of Christmas past at these top destinations and events for a historic holiday celebration. 

Historic places to celebrate Memorial Day this year

A list of the special places to celebrate and to honor the people who served in the military. 

Fourteen romantic sites for history lovers

14 romantic historic spots for history lovers--on Valentine's Day or any day 

America's historic Fourths for this year

Make this year a historic Fourth at these celebrations across the country.