Use The History List to attract more visitors and guests to your events and exhibits

The History List is the largest list of history-related events across the country.  And it's free.

↣ A typical local history organization can add a year of events in less than 45 minutes and they will be publicized throughout the year. 

  • It's all copy-paste, with unlimited text, photos, and videos
  • Every organization, site, and event has its own page
  • Enter your recurring event once, select when it repeats, and you're finished
  • We've included every event repeating pattern we've ever seen (weekly, monthly, annual, third Tuesday, the 10th of every month . . .)
  • If you have an annual event, enter it once and update anything that's changed from the previous year; no need to enter it again
  • Anyone who is signed in can enter or edit, regardless of who entered the information, making it perfect for small, all-volunteer organizations, as well as large organizations with several staff members
  • Individuals, not organizations, have accounts, so there's no need to share passwords and usernames
  • Conferences, workshops, and courses for history and heritage professionals are included on the largest list of these anywhere
  • Additional ways to make your summer camp or program for kids stand out
  • Additional ways to make your holiday events stand out
  • Authors, lecturers, and performers can create their own page and list their upcoming appearances

Once your events are on The History List, they will appear automatically throughout the year in our weekly history events newsletters. 

Today we publish a weekly newsletter with events and exhibits in New England. (Subscribe here.) As more sites and organizations across the country add their events to The History List, we'll add newsletters for more states and regions.

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We built The History List from the ground up to meet the needs of history organizations and sites of all sizes.  If you're still not sure whether it's worth 45 minutes once a year, read what other organizations have said about The History List.

Why did I build this and how is it all free? 

My goal is to get more folks engaged with history, and by making this both free and very easy to use, my hope is that sites and organizations will take advantage of it to raise awareness about their events and exhibits.  Check out the video below for more on why I built it and what keeps it going.

If you'd like to support The History List, check out The History List Store for our original designs for history lovers.

I look forward to welcoming you to The History List and helping you attract more visitors and members. If you ever have questions, please send me a note.

— Lee Wright  |  Founder  |  The History List  |  History Camp

P.S. Have you heard about History Camp?  Despite "camp" in the name, it's for adults, and there's nothing else like it anywhere.