Frequently Asked Questions


How do you define a "history-related event?"  And what about exhibits, walks, historic sites, history and living history museums, and historic house museums?

The History List includes all of those and even professional meetings and conferences focused on history and historic preservation.

"Events" on The History list is simply a shorthand reference to all of those.

We define "history-related" broadly and include reenactments, lectures, book signings, exhibitions, and walking tours, among others. Also, organizations that have a facility that is focused on history or is linked to an historical event of note will be included

What states does this cover?

All 50 states and the District of Columbia

Is this a non-profit organization?

No. We believe that The History List can help bring more people face to face with history, and through those experiences, create a greater interest in learning more about history.  This, not a tax deduction, is the motivation.  Instead of spending the time and money to assemble a non-profit organization and solicit donations and grants--this would have also put The History List in competition with the same organization it was designed to help--we just started building.

How do you plan to make money?

All of the features of The History List that are currently available at no cost will continue to be available for free.  We may add additional tiers of services for a fee.  

Note that anything that's done will enrich, not detract from, the value of the site and, editorial decisions about highlighting events will remain separate from sponsored event promotion, which will be clearly marked as such.

Do you send out updates?

There are several e-mail lists and newsletters for organizations and individuals.

How do we list our organization or event?

You can do that now if you log in with Facebook or you can request a free account on The History List.  Accounts are tied to an individual, not an organization, so anyone—staff, interns, volunteers—can add or edit.  The History List has been designed to be intuitive and cut-and-paste simple, but if you're looking for resources to guide you, you'll find them here, including a one-pager and a short video that shows you, step by step, how to add an event.