February 3, 2016

Adding courses and workshops to The History List

We've revised the Conferences page to include courses. This was in response to several organizations that expressed interest in listing their courses, and especially their online courses.

Tips for adding your organization's classes:

  • If the course takes place over multiple days, include more information about the schedule in the description, but when you add the date, list only the start date.


  • A single course held once: An online course that is completed over a 30-day period. It has a start and end date. Explain this in the description. When entering the date, enter only the start date.
  • A single course that is offered more than once: This online course is offered every month on the 1st of the month, use the start date when you add the additional times it's offered.  In the example below, the course is offered on the 1st of the month from now through August, which is the last time it's offered.  The description of the course would explain that it is a course that is completed over a 30-day period.



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