Paoli Battlefield Historical Park

1st Ave & Wayne Ave, Malvern, PA

Paoli Battlefield Historical Park

Date of Battle: September 20-21, 1777

The Battle

Americans, under General “Mad Anthony” Wayne, try to shadow the British as they advance toward Philadelphia. General Howe deploys General Charles Grey to crush the Americans. Grey orders his men to remove the flints from their guns to avoid shots that would alert the Americans.

The British attack the American camp at night, using bayonets to slaughter the sleeping Americans.  Most of the Americans manage to escape in the darkness, but there is no longer an effective force to challenge the British entry into Philadelphia.

Visiting the Battleground

The Paoli Battlefield Historical Park, a 44-acre historic site of woodland and farm fields, commemorate the Battle of Paoli which is also known as the Paoli Massacre. Adjacent to the park is the Paoli Memorial Grounds which includes an obelisk that marks the gravesite of fifty-two Continental soldiers.

Address: 1st Ave & Wayne Ave, Malvern, PA

Entrance fee: None

The Battle of Paoli received its name due to its proximity to the Paoli Tavern, a well-known landmark in 1777. You can visit the battlefield, owned by the Borough of Malvern and administered by the non-profit Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund, and walk the ¾-mile trail that includes interpretive panels about the battle.

The Paoli Memorial Grounds, owned and operated by the non-profit Paoli Memorial Association, is adjacent to the battlefield park. On the memorial grounds you can view the 1817 stone monument, which was erected on the burial mound of the American soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. Also on the memorial grounds is a larger granite obelisk that was erected in 1877 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Paoli.

Check the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund web site for information on hours of operation.

Don't Miss!

The stone monument marking the gravesite. Erected in 1817, it is the second oldest Revolutionary War monument in the country.

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Contributor: This list of major Revolutionary War Battles and descriptions was written by Michael Troy, the creator and host of the American Revolution Podcast, who selected these sites and described the battles.

Photo:  Paoli Battlefield Historical Park by Aimee Evoli licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Updated April 8, 2022

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