Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site

7801 NY-69, Oriskany, NY

Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site

Date of Battle: August 6, 1777

The Battle

General John Burgoyne launches a new assault from Quebec, this time capturing Fort Ticonderoga without a fight. The Americans withdraw before the superior force. Burgoyne hopes to move south and eventually link up with the larger British army in New York City.

General Barry St. Leger leads an army of mostly militia and Iroquois warriors, along with some regulars. His mission is to pacify western New York, then join with Burgoyne’s army as it moves south. St. Leger captures Fort Stanwix and sends out a force composed mostly of native warriors to confront the patriot militia marching to threaten the fort.

The native force ambushes the Americans, leading to a particularly brutal fight. American Commander Colonel Nicholas Herkimer is mortally wounded. The Americans suffer terrible casualties, but manage to raid the native camps, damaging their moral.

A short time later, General Benedict Arnold arrives and tricks the British into believing he is going to overrun Fort Stanwix with an overwhelming force. The British forces retreat in a panic and return to Quebec, denying General Burgoyne much-needed reinforcements.

Visiting the Battleground

Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site commemorates the Battle of Oriskany, considered one of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolutionary War.

Address: 7801 New York 69, Oriskany, NY

Entrance fee: None

The Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site includes a visitor center with exhibits and walking trails. On the battlefield is an obelisk that was dedicated in 1884 to serve as a memorial to those who fought in the battle. Plaques at the base of the obelisk commemorate the battle and its participants. Historical markers providing information about the battle are posted along the walking trail.

Check the Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site web site for information on hours of operation.

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Contributor: This list of major Revolutionary War Battles and descriptions was written by Michael Troy, the creator and host of the American Revolution Podcast, who selected these sites and described the battles.

Photo:  “Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site – New York” by Doug Kerr licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Updated April 8, 2022

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