The Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

I visited the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia in July 2019 and highly recommend going, along with also visiting the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown (my notes and photos), another outstanding museum dedicated to the American Revolution that opened at about the same time as the Museum of the American Revolution.

Entrance to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

The museum, which opened in 2017, is located two blocks from Independence Hall.

Display at the Museum of the American Revolution

The core of the museum's holdings are from the Rev. W. Herbert Burk collection. Burk was the founding vicar of the Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge.

Access to additional information is via video panels

I was impressed with the way in which touchscreens near displays made it easy to learn more about the objects, including examining them from all angles and reading more about them. 

One of the displays with mannequins

Throughout, small scenes with a few mannequins helped bring to life some of the experiences of the men and women involved. I found this story, in text on the wall above the scene, to be especially moving.

For those interested in the American Revolution, this and the museum in Yorktown are both well worth visiting.

— Lee Wright  |  Founder  |  The History List  |  History Camp  |  The Pursuit of History


Photos by Lee Wright, founder of the History List. Photos are available under a Creative Commons license. (CC BY 2.0) These photos were taken in July 2019.

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