Portsmouth Historical Society

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What We Are All About

The Portsmouth Historical Society is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Portsmouth, Rhode Island’s history.

Our long term vision is to protect and promote Portsmouth’s cultural heritage by creating a secure and sustainable facility, where, in conjunction with other local organizations, we can store, maintain and display our collection of historic artifacts, offer lectures and research assistance to the public, and stimulate the study of our town’s history for future generations. We strongly believe that the uniqueness of Portsmouth today is defined by our past.

The Society fulfills its mission by:

1. Maintaining and providing tours of the historical buildings in its possession:

a. The Christian Union Church (1865)

b. The Southernmost School (1725)

c. The Old Town Hall (c. 1850) .

2. Collecting, conserving and interpreting historical documents and objects linked to historical sites, houses, farms, and families of Portsmouth.

3. Providing direction and resources to assist genealogical and scholarly research related to Portsmouth’s history.

4. Arranging exhibitions which use historical materials to enrich the public’s understanding and appreciation of Portsmouth’s rich history.

5. Presenting programs on topics that build enthusiasm for preserving and supporting our local history.