The President's House

524-30 Market Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The President's House
NPS Photo


According to the National Park Service website:

In the 1790s, at the President's House location at Sixth and Market Streets, Presidents George Washington and John Adams lived and conducted their executive branch business. 

President George Washington called the elegant three story brick mansion "the best single house in the city." Both Presidents Washington (1790–1797) and John Adams (1797–1800) lived and worked in this house, which was rented from the financier Robert Morris. Washington's large household, including enslaved African descendents, contrasted with Adams' small household. Adams never owned slaves.

Although the house was demolished in 1832, the foundations still remain visible in this unique exhibit focusing on the contradiction of liberty and enslavement in the new nation.



Source: National Park ServicePhoto

Updated July 2, 2018

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