Austin F. Williams Carriagehouse and House

127 Main Street Farmington, Connecticut



Known abolitionists Austin Williams and wife Jennet Cowles Williams purchased this property, which first became popular because of the  Amistad case. The Williams built a dormitory building on May 4, 1841, where he housed the Mende men after their release after imprisonment due to their La Amistad revolt and awaiting return to Africa. 

Williams and abolitionist friend Lewis Tappan were members of the Amistad Committee. They helped raise funds for the defense, release, and return of these captives to Africa. 

When the Mende men left, Williams then converted the dormitory into a carriage house. The carriage house has a cellar where Williams hid escaping slaves as part of the Underground Railroad. Williams was an Underground Railroad conductor, and together with other Farmington citizens, made the Farmington community a major Underground Railroad stop.


Austin F. Williams Carriagehouse and House
National Park Service - Austin F. Williams Carriagehouse and House

Updated June 29, 2021

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