August 29, 2015

Promoting your organization's history events with a statewide newsletter

We send a weekly list of history events in a state or region once there is a critical number of organizations participating from that area on The History List.  An example from Massachusetts, where we launched the first of these, is at the bottom.  (Subscribe here.)

A few state historical societies publish a weekly or monthly list of events at societies in their state.  Using The History List, it is now possible for organizations of all types in all states and regions to participate in a weekly e-mail without a state organization spending money or staff time.  Here's how it works:

  • Organizations enter their information on The History List once and it's included in the weekly mailing automatically.
  • The weekly e-mail includes all events, ongoing exhibits, and recurring walks taking place during the 10 days covered in each weekly mailing.
  • Each entry links to a dedicated page with complete details on The History List.

Most local history organizations can enter an entire year's worth of events in 30 minutes.  Just follow these steps.  

With this new capability from The History List, state organizations don't have to dedicate time or money to have a weekly e-mail with all of the history events in their state.  If you'd like to discuss one of these for your state, or if there are 20 or more local institutions in a geographic region who are interested and are participating on The History List, contact us.

If your organization is interested in learning more and requesting an account, start here.


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