June 24, 2017

Creating a smartphone tour or virtual tour for your historic site

There is a growing number of applications, platforms, and services that enable you to create a tour of your historic site that users can experience on their smartphone or remotely from a desktop.

The types of tours you can create range from cell phone audio tours to smartphone tours to virtual tours. This list is a work in progress. If you know of companies that should be listed here, please let me know. Or, if you have used any of these or evaluated any of these, please send me your insights and recommendations.

I started this list after coming across yet another company that was new to me. Rather than waiting to find the time to put together a comprehensive list, I'll build this as I come across companies as people refer them to me.

Lee Wright  |  Founder  |  The History List  |  History Camp
June 23, 2017


Virtual tours

WalkInto - Platform to create and host virtual tours similar to Google Streetview that can be embedded in your site. Includes connections to photographers. Price: $0 (ad-supported) or $30/year. Example: The Genesee Country Village & Museum


Smartphone tours

Izi - Platform to create a downloadable audio tour. User must have (free) Izi app installed. No cost to create and no monthly cost for hosting. Example: The Freedom Trail

Tour Buddy -   Platform to create and publish tour apps that can be offered within an institution or as downloadable apps from an app store. Price: Varies.  Thirty-day free trial available. Example of a GPS Walking Tour: Sparks, Nevada




Please send recommendations for additions and feedback on ones you've used or evaluated.



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