King's Chapel History Program

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King’s Chapel is proudly one of the sixteen historic sites on Boston’s Freedom Trail. As you dig deeper into Boston’s rich history, plan a visit to King’s Chapel and discover our unique role in the formation of the United States. Founded in 1686, King’s Chapel was established as the first Anglican Church in overwhelmingly Puritan Boston, paving the way for religious freedom in America. While many congregants remained loyal to the British Crown during the revolutionary-era, those members of King’s Chapel who remained in Boston following the evacuation of British troops and sympathizers in 1776 were trailblazers in the establishment of the Unitarian Christian faith in America. While the church as an entity dates to 1686, our historic building dates to 1754, when it was constructed by Peter Harrison, dubbed America’s first architect by architectural historians. Over the years, King’s Chapel has seen notable members and attendees including George Washington, Paul Revere, Thomas Hutchinson, Charles Sumner, Charles Bulfinch, Oliver Wendell Holmes,  and many more. 

Visitors of all ages and origins are welcome to King’s Chapel to explore our historic building during our open hours. In addition to interpretive signs throughout the sanctuary and self-guided tours, our talented and friendly educators are on staff to bring King’s Chapel’s history alive! We also offer guided tours on the hour throughout the year.