WORLD PREMIERE: Dogtown Common: Never Try, Never Win

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Gloucester's Folklore Theatre Raises the Ghosts of Dogtown, Supports Angel Program

The Folklore Theatre Company's 10th collaborative original production since 2011, Dogtown Common: Never Try, Never Win is a groundbreaking inter-generational musical that will raise the question: "What killed a 200 year-old community?" in a way that challenges us to avoid ever letting it happen again.

Issues that are still universal hot topics today: ignorance, fear, judgement, addiction, mental health, sexism, ageism, gossip, gender, homelessness, hunger, poverty and classism are all touched upon in this show.

Synopsis: Former fisherman Abraham Wharf, now homeless, struggles with heroin addiction. It is midwinter, and he has set up his cardboard bed beneath the Babson "Never Try, Never Win" boulder in Gloucester's long-abandoned settlement known as "Dogtown." As he enters a drug-induced euphoric state, Abraham edges ever closer to overdose and hypothermia. Two ghostly children appear through the trees, reaching out to Abraham. Unsure, Wharf decides to take their hands, allowing them to guide him deeper into the woods, and eventually into 1800 Dogtown Common and the home of Easter Carter. Here in her home, the only two-story house in the Commons, the colorful residents have gathered for warmth, for food, for community. Each character represents something within Wharf that leads him on an introspective journey of spirit survival. Three witches serve as a sort of Greek chorus, reminiscent of the three crones of mythology and Shakespeare's Macbeth... here, they are the hissing voices of addiction: Dysphoria, Despair, and Redemption.

Gloucester's innovative community support programs like The Open Door, Action Inc., The Grace Center, Wellspring, and the new Angel Program are all examples of how a community, through education understanding, and innovation can find healing and sustainability in ways that simply did not exist two hundred years ago. Indeed, if we knew then what we know now, and if these great organizations had existed in that time, Dogtown Commons might still be a thriving community today.

Each of the three production weeks, 10% of box office proceeds will benefit Gloucester's newest service organization, The Angel Program, which has gained international attention for its fresh approach to how police work with addiction in a community. Suggested donation $10-$30, as always, no one is turned away. Consider this show rated PG-13 due to mature theme. 

Conceived and directed by Henry∞Cameron Allen, original music by Kitt Cox, Special Music Arrangements by The Hounds, Dennis Spy Brideaux, Cliff Rideout & Tomás Bowling, Dramaturgy by Betsey Janus, Set Design by Angie Cornwell, Lighting Design by Steve Gemma, Sound Design by DeeRock Productions, Costumes by Christine Curtis, Stage Manager Jenna Apollonia

Ensemble cast features: James Kawski, Steve Day, Dylan Fitzgerald, Shannon Connonly, Tomi Sousa, Kristen Rideout, Luke Leavitt, Chantal Taylor, Donna Freyleue, Cliff Rideout, Betsey Janus, Caroline Connolly, Deanne Leavitt, "Smokin' Jim Yancey, Judith Howard, Ariane Grossi, Barbara Lasovick, Odin Garron, Tomás Bowling

Season tickets now available, just $15/mo!

WHAT: Dogtown Common: Never Try, Never Win

WHERE: The Folklore Theatre at Floating Lotus, 169 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01030

WHEN: April 1-17, Fridays & Saturdays 7pm, Sundays 2pm

CONTACT: or 978-704-1269

BOX OFFICE: $10-$30 suggested donation. www.FolkloreTheatre.Company

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