Rembrandt Intaglio Printmaking at Worcester Art Museum

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Join Artist, Printmaker, and Living History presenter Andrew Volpe at the Worcester Art Museum on Saturday, February 17, 2024 for an interactive Printmaking demonstration & printing activity, from 11 am to 3pm.  Free with Museum admission.

Andy researches and works in the techniques of the Old Masters, covering 1460s to 1800, including the work of Rembrandt in the 1630s.  Visitors will have a chance to print their own keepsake from one of Andy's copperplates, created using the same Intaglio techniques used in Rembrandt's time.  (while supply lasts)

This special demo coincides with the Rembrandt exhibition on-view at Worcester Art Museum until February 19.

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Volpe has been involved with the Worcester Art Museum in a number of capacities since 2002, notably as an Arms & Armor presenter with the Higgins Armory Collection, presenting with Legion III Cyrenaica (Romans), Company of the Wolfe Argent (1470s), and Salem Trayned Band (1620-30s).  He is also very active with the Museum of Printing in Haverhill MA where he is researching and curating the Klein Collection of prints which comprises notable examples of letterpress and graphics printing 1493-1973.

He works for the Printing Office of Edes & Gill in Boston's North End, where he works replicating the engravings of Paul Revere and other notable Intaglio works in the 1770s, and creating commemorative prints for America's 250th. (Volpe was at the WAM in March of 2020 where he had completed an exact replica of Revere's Boston Massacre for the 250th and coinciding with the “Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere” exhibition.)

He can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @av_arthistory  and