New Year's Eve Ghost Tour

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Ring in the New Year in a most unusual way with a candlelight Ghost Tour of a haunted Society Hill mansion! Discover the enchantment of a bygone era with ghostly tales of mystery, merriment, and resolutions gone awry!

The 7th annual New Year's Eve Ghost Tour takes place at the magnificent Powel House, the site of many high-society holiday parties of yesteryear. Here you'll find haunting tales of the wealthy and famous, of débutantes and dignitaries, whose ghosts return to dance and party the night away!

The New Year’s Eve Ghost Tour takes its inspiration from the old-time holiday tradition of ushering out the ghosts of the past with the start of the New Year. The one hour tour begins with a look back at the mystical aspect of New Year’s Eve celebrations and continues through two floors of the house. It includes the second floor ballroom where George and Martha Washington celebrated their anniversary and where disembodied dancing footsteps are still heard, the drawing room haunted by the ghost of Benedict Arnold’s bewitched wife, the dining room where spirits of long-ago revelers still gather, and more. A costumed storyteller will share the stories behind the ghostly appearances and the unexplained mysteries that haunt the site to this day. Join us for a unique and memorable event to mark the passing of 2016 and celebrate the arrival of 2017!