Copyright And Intellectual Property 101 For Museums

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Starting on May 13, 2024
"Copyright and Intellectual Property 101 for Museums"
4 Week Online Class - $275

Are you using films, videos, music, and photographs in your exhibits and events? Do you have collections that you want to monetize through licensing? What about online postings of your collections or photos by visitors and other institutions? Are you confused about copyright and licensing for museums or want to learn more?

In this course you will learn about copyright law and Intellectual Property. What is fair use and does it apply to you? Are there differences for non-profits? What if you aren't charging for the exhibit or event, or what if you are? Do artists have control over their works in my collection? What can I do if someone uses my images or take photos or videos of our exhibits online?

The course has three sections: Copyright and Licensing, Intellectual Property, Policies and Resources. 

There are no deadlines. It is structured so you can do the course from home or from work. No tests - no quizzes. There will one assignment at the end to complete the course..

This online class will give you the tools to understand and develop policies and procedures for copyright and licensing in your museum.

Space is limited so register soon!

If you have any questions feel free to email me any time.


David Harvey
Principal Conservator & Museum Consultant                                                                                                                          Los Angeles CA  USA