Condition Reporting For Collections And Historic Buildings

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Starting on May 6, 2024
"Condition Reporting for Collections and Historic Buildings"                                                           
3 Week Online Class - $275

Do you have historic or artistic collections, or historic buildings, and want to know how to best develop a comprehensive condition reporting system? In this course you will learn about how how objects, art collections, and historic buildings deteriorate, how to recognize problems, how to document condition issues, and how to develop a condition reporting system within your institution so that issues can be resolved efficiently. Also how to use a rigorous monitoring and condition reporting system to form the foundation for preservation and conservation grants. We will emphasize what you can do and when you need a conservator.

The course has three  sections: The Agents of Deterioration, Documentation and Condition Reporting Systems, Monitoring your Collections / Buildings and Integrating Condition Reporting within your Institution.

There are no deadlines. It is structured so you can do the course from home or from work. All done on your own time and schedule. No quizzes - no tests. There will one assignment at the end to complete to course.

This online class will give you the tools to understand and develop an awesome condition reporting program for your collections and buildings!

Space is limited so register soon!

David Harvey
Principal Conservator & Museum Consultant
Los Angeles CA  USA