A Boston Harbor Islands Adventure, the Great Brewster Journal of 1891

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Join Stephanie Schorow and other members of the Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands research team to hear a fascinating story from Massachusetts history. In 1891, four intrepid women from Lowell sailed to a remote island in Boston Harbor for a 17-day escape from New England's prim and proper society. Calling themselves the Scribe, the Aristocrat, the Acrobat, and the Autocrat, the women rusticated in a cottage on Great Brewster Island, reveling in the chance to shed their identities of wife, mother, and daughter. Relive their sojourn through their remarkable journal, filled with observations, illustrations, photographs, and poetry, reproduced here by the Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands.

The book was a team project led by Stephanie Schorow, the author of nine books on Boston History, and members of the nonprofit volunteer and advocacy organization, Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Stephanie Schorow is a journalist, writing instructor and the author or coauthor of nine books on Boston history. She has worked as an editor and reporter for the Boston Herald and the Associated Press, as well as newspapers in Connecticut, Idaho, and Utah.