2020 Exhibits at the Atwood Museum

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2020 will see many exciting anniversaries? commemorated at the Atwood Museum in Chatham.

Marking the 400 years since the Mayflower first came to Cape Cod’s shores, the Atwood has created the exhibit Mayflower: The Turning Point to show the different facets of the Mayflower experience. Come and learn about what caused the crew of the Mayflower to turn around off Chatham’s shore and head back around the Cape to Provincetown instead of continuing south to Virginia; get to know some of the Mayflower passenger’s and their life stories in our audio component; see what kinds of medical practices were used onboard the ship, and much more.


To show what was here long before colonists arrived, another new exhibit, The Wampanoags, will be available for viewing. This exhibit sponsored by the Kemper Family Foundations details Wampanoag history in Chatham, including a recreated Wetu, a traditional Wampanoag dwelling, diagrams showing important places to the Wampanoag community, and historic timelines.


The third new exhibit for 2020 at the Atwood Museum is Remembering Our Heroes: the 75th Anniversary of the End of WWII. This exhibit will outline the progression of the Second World War and the important role that Chatham played. Between the Naval Air Base and Coast Guard Station, and many other important offices, Chatham was very busy supporting the war effort, and this is our chance to say thank you to those who serve our country and remember.


The Atwood Museum exhibits will be opening for the season on May 22, Memorial Day weekend and will remain open through the summer and fall. The rest of the museum is available year round for research, rental space, special events and private group tours. 


The museum is located at 347 Stage Harbor Road, Chatham, MA, close to downtown Chatham.


Members of Chatham Historical Society: Free
All Adults: $10
Students (ages 8-18): $5
Children (ages 7 and under): Free