Free materials to promote your history organization, events, and gifts this holiday season

It's all part of the campaign to raise awareness and get more people out to historic sites and history organizations this holiday season.



The holidays are one of the best times of the year to attract new visitors, and the "Make this holiday historic!" campaign includes free materials you can use to promote your holiday events, gift memberships (including on #MembershipMonday), and your merchandise.

All of the materials shown above are available for your use immediately.  Many can be printed out directly from the files.  Just insert cardstock, print, fold, and you'll have a tabletop sign like the one shown here.

→  All of the digital files can be downloaded here as one compressed file.  



A holiday promotion table sign you can download

These are three broad goals:

  • Increase attendance at the holidays.
  • Increase gift shop sales.
  • Increase sales of gift memberships.

Adapt the campaign and materials to help reach the goals you have your your organization.

This is a grassroots effort.

With the active participation of your organization and others across the country, more people will be reminded of the wonderful things to enjoy at their local historic site or history organization.

Here are the elements of the campaign, which you're free to use, without cost, however you wish.  And you'll see that we've left "The History List" off of them so they focus complete attention on your organization.


Digital files to create signs and tags, and to add to your site

Tabletop signs with 10 different text messages.  These digital files come in two colors, red, as shown here, and white.  And they are PDFs, so you can print them out on cardstock, fold them, and you're ready to go.  

Digital files you can use to make . . .

  • Example of small sale sign for the "Make this holiday historic!" campaignsmaller signs, such as the sale sign shown here
  • tags for packages
  • stickers that can be applied to books and other gifts
  • made into a card for a gift membership
  • added to your website
  • added to blogs
  • added to Facebook pages and posted to Twitter
  • added to your newsletter

The digital files have several different text messages and come in two colors, as shown.  They are available as JPGs, and can be added to a Word document or PowerPoint slide, or any design program you choose.  (That's how the small sale sign shown here was made.)  They are medium-sized, so they can be used as-is for print materials, or reduced in size for an e-mail newsletter or web page.

→  All of the digital files can be downloaded here as one compressed file.   

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Attracting visitors to holiday events at historic sites and buildings

List your holiday and other events

Add your events to The History List.  It's copy-and-paste easy, there is no cost to add organizations or events, and anyone who is signed in can add or edit.

More information on getting started with The History List.

Share your ideas

How are you using these materials and getting the word out in your community to "Make this holiday historic!"  Send your notes and photos to and we will share them here.  Also, please send questions or suggestions and we'll reply or update the information on this page.


Why organizations use The History List

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